Customized apps.

You can have the app of your choice customized to your wishes.

  It’s modern.

Nowadays mobile & tablet solutions are becoming more and more common.

  Awesome features.

Such as synchronization between your multiple devices.

We Are a Creative Agency That Creates Stunning & Functional Apps. Get in Touch.


4Touch is a four man start-up company specialized in mobile and tablet application development. The company was founded in May 2012 in Tampere, Finland.

We believe that the customer should have the opportunity to affect on the look of their tablet solution. That’s why we like to be flexible and listen to your wishes. If you’re interested in a mobile solution that looks just like you, please contact us.

The Product

Our product is a highly customizable solution for presenting your company. It’s already being used in restaurants and businesses both in Finland and Germany.

For the product, our creative team will help you build the perfect layout that will best reflect the image of your business. We will also find solutions which will satisfy your needs, and even help you come up with a few new ones.


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